June 26, 2011

Quote + What I think

"You know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon…everything’s different.

- Bill Watterson

Random thoughts:
I am still really young and everyday I change my mind about things. But I always try to remember that nothing waits for you and if you really want something, there's nothing you can do, except work hard for it. 

I like things like this....HAHAHA This dog is just really weird.

These few years seems to have flown by extremely fast. We can't always live in the moment and sometimes we just don't want to. Then there are some days that we wish would last forever. Living in the moment always clashes with I have homework. I wish I could lie on the beach, stare up at the sky and listen to the wind. In these moments, time is still ticking away. but it slows down and everything becomes strangely peaceful and quiet. I like star gazing too but somehow I get a bit dizzy from it. But, besides that, the serene silence of the night is just so pleasant. 

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