January 10, 2013

Review: Coloud “The Knock” Headphones

By combining equal parts passion and engineering, eliminating unnecessary parts and multiplying the amount of useful features, coloud brings you highly durable headphones that just makes sense.

I ordered Coloud The Knock headphones in grey/red but its more of a pink than red. I actually read a couple reviews before purchasing it off Fab so mostly no surprises. The main thing I was worried about was the comfort. I've always had problems with headphones giving me headaches if I wore them too long, which is the main reason why I was hesitant on buying these. However the functionality and minimalist design of the headphones made me give it a second thought.

They are indeed really light. The headphones feature a tangle free system with flat cables. The plug can also be used to secure the cable together for storage (pictured on the bottom right). The mic/remote can be used to pick/hang up calls and control music. Overall, these are great casual headphones that offer surprisingly awesome sound at an affordable price.

The headphones give me a slight headache. However, most headphones have this problem, they need time to be stretched out. Although mine have stretched out a bit, it still gives me a dull headache. The cushioning is starting to have the indentation from my ear (as weird as that sounds lol). Hopefully they will feel more comfortable as I wear them more. The other con I was worried about, was that if I were to turn up the volume, can people hear what I'm listening to? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. But so far that hasn't been a huge problem for me.

Check out http://www.coloud.com/ for more specs, colors and products.

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They don't give me a headache at all. The cushioning has dented (forms around the shape of my ear) which seems to be normal, doesn't cause any trouble. I originally wanted to wear these outdoors but because of winter clothes and all the layers, I end up pulling on the cable and it slides off easily. Maybe I'll take them outside once it's warmer. 


  1. Its look like totally change as compare to other headphones because the color and the style make this totally unique as compare to other product. I also try to find out this type of product. cheap dr dre beats online

    1. It doesn't look like a safe site to buy the headphones. Although they are cheaper, I wouldn't risk giving out credit card information.

    2. My Target had these on 50% clearance making them $15. I bought a pair to try and will invest in another pair if they go to 70% clearance before they're gone.

  2. Hi! I'm planning to buy these headphones. I just want to ask if they're comfortable (in the long run). After a few months of usage, do they still give you a headache?

    1. They've been really comfortable, probably because they sit looser than my other headphone. That's why I have not been wearing them outdoors since they fall off easily; whenever they get caught on something or I pull on them by accident.