June 4, 2011

Just a Thought...

Fish doesn't know it is in water. Similarly most of us are unaware of how [society] shapes our lives; whether it's the culture or environment.

One of my professors asked our class if we were "original". Did we believe that we are all unique and creative individuals.Were we indeed "individuals"? The answer for many was yes, most definitely! We are different from one another, we think differently, our tastes are different, etc. This is entirely true, however we are on many levels the same. We are unique, but we also share ideas. We think differently but our thoughts are more or less influenced by those around us. Our tastes in clothes, for example are different, yet we all dress similarly. And even those who don't really care about what they wear, there are still certain brands that you buy from. So as the professor said, unless you sew your own clothes it is not really possible to be "original". We are all sponges, we soak in whatever information is given to us. Even  those who "rebel" aren't really that original, they are only filling a category along with the others. 

Question of the day :) To what extent is each individual unique and/or original?

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  1. Nowadays people got so busy that they don't care anymore with what's around them or who they should take care of. It's always important to look at life again from time to time and see if they are really doing to right thing or time is going on and they are losing everything.