May 13, 2011

Trying Something New :)

Hey Everyone,

I'm a college freshman on summer break. Whew, what a year at Rutgers University, and it was easier on some levels than I thought and tougher in others; especially in the math department. I am not the typical Asian stereotype. Well, the most I can do now is to try harder and get those A's on my transcript. Anyways back to the reason I'm writing this post. Summers here and I've got nothing to do, besides reviewing for next year and what not but other than that nothing in the terms of a job. I'm still on the look out for one but they seem to hiding from me. COME OUT!

So I decided to make some money on-line and test out some ways that I found out about.
#1 Surveys
The ones I've tried so far are dead ends. Maybe they need some time but so far, if I need to type in my social security somewhere, I'm not continuing on that site.
#2 Yahoo! Contributors
fun fact: did you know if you click on the "!" on the yahoo logo on the main page it sings? :D AWESOMEE
Started today!
This post is similar to what I submitted earlier on Yahoo. I'll be posting articles soon and also some random stories and whatever I find interesting.
#3 Blogs
Started today!

Hopefully I'll be getting somewhere on these sites, considering it may be even interesting writing about various topics.
And uhm Have a Great Day Everyone!
Thanks for reading this ;] *its a wink face

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