May 28, 2011

Is it as simple as that?

My nerdy little cousin who is 7 now, asked me what the meaning of life is.
So I replied, whatever you think it is.
Then he said, I thought you were smart -______-


  1. WOW! He is a smart little guy!
    Well, for me life is what you give it's meaning to. What gives my life meaning when I really make most of it. Like help people, learn new things and discover stuff no one knew about before.

    Hmm, I see that you changed your blog theme. It's really nice and I loved it <3

  2. Thanks! Yes I think the same way. I have a friend who always complains and lies all the time. I feel like it would be a really depressing if I were to live like that. It's easier to just appreciate what you already have and better yourself for yourself than trying to prove to other people. Because frankly, they don't really care. Helping others is definitely a way to make life happier :) Sometimes when you can accommodate to others wishes (in a reasonable situation) things can go smoother.