May 13, 2011

Check out my fish!

Since I was little, like many of you, I wanted a pet.
Me: Mommy! Mommy! Look how cute the puppy is!
Puppy: arff arff.
Mommy: Yea! how cute!
Me: Can we keep it? please? please? pleaseeseseseeeeeee?
Mommy: But you have fish areadyy...
Me: But I can't walk the fish -__-
Mommy: Lets see how well you take care of the fish first.
Me: okayy.
*10 years later, still no puppy :(
But don't worry! My fish are doing fine. lolls.
One day, One day I shall get myself a puppy. Alaskan Huskies :D

Directions to feed my sidebar fish:
Click on it.

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