May 29, 2013

Summer Break

It has been awhile again since I last blogged. I don't know, I just haven't been feeling the need to blog. I guess it's kind of difficult when you don't have a reason to do something other than just for the fun of it. But since I'm on summer break now and I start work on the 17th, I have a whole bunch of free time. First it will help me get me writing again because who actually writes short stories and stuff (of that sort) as a business major? I've also completely stopped reading books which is sad and getting myself to turn off the computer to sit and read is harder than I thought. Remember that book called Outliers that I said I was excited to read several months ago? Yeah, I have not read one page. All I did was make a cover for it ><. Well anyways, I hope to make the most of this summer, whether it may be to just relaxing or actually accomplishing something haha :) because this is will be the last college summer break I will ever have. Sho sadd :<

Here are some of my plans:

  • blog more! 
  • ultimate summer league - need to start moving again 
  • take acrylic painting classes? 
  • watch Arrested Development 
  • learn different strumming patterns for the ukulele
  • read some books 
  • start a blog about my internship?
  • practice the piano
  • learn some of moms dishes 

Some pictures from spring break in St. Simon's Island in Georgia!

St. Simon's Pier

Southern Soul is delicious

Bonfire on the beach 

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