May 31, 2013

May Favorites

(These are in no particular order)

1. Fruttare mango bar
It is supposedly made from real fruit pulp so it has a rich mango taste. With less than 60 calories per bar you can worry less and enjoy the yummy goodness!

2. Vitasoy black bean soy milk
Soy milk is said to be a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. Plus it's great for skin. Black beans are proven in some studies to provide even more health benefits than regular soy beans. This drink tastes really similar to the regular vitasoy milk. Probably because of the sugars they use. In addition to buying these box drinks you can also make it at home, preparation + cooking time is close to two hours.

3. Matcha pocky
I was at Mitzuwa last week and there was this whole display of everything green tea ><. Of course I could not resist and picked up a few goodies. Everyone had been raving about the green tea kit kats but I personally find them a little too sweet. However these matcha pocky sticks are delicious. They have the green tea ice cream taste unlike the kit kats which has more of a frosting flavor.

4. Barley Tea
This tea can be served hot or cold. It is excellent for keeping cool and hydrated on a summer day. I reuse the amazon tea gallons and fill it half way with filtered water. Then I would just drop one of the tea bags in and let it sit overnight. My parents refuse to turn on the AC until it hits the 90s so this is the alternative to eating too much ice cream and drinking to many sugary drinks.
I also drew a comic about it. Click here for the link :)

5. The End Game
The coolest personality test I've seen! As with all of these related tests they won't be completely accurate but the concept for this one is pretty unique. You get to create your own character and at the end of each level you will get a knowledge quote and a philosophical dilemma. The game tracks your answers and gives you the results at The End. The questions are divided into 3 catagories: mind, body and spirit.

6. Watercolor paintings 
Something about eyes has always been very attracting to me. Whether it may be kind, sweet, or scary its usually one of the first things I notice when I meet someone new. This speed painting video is so mesmerizing to watch. I wonder if I will be able to create such a beautiful piece. She makes the blending of the colors look so easy. 

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