April 24, 2012


So in my Chinese Classics class today, our teacher separated us into groups to discuss the purpose for learning. Throughout the year we learned about the confucian values of essentially how to learn. One of my classmate's view on learning was that it was something inevitable that we do so that one day we can become successful and then afterwards seek to pursue an interest. I think that we should instead alter our approach towards learning. It shouldn't be something dreaded, it also shouldn't feel like an obligation. It should be fun and amusing. Depending on the topics, it maybe be mundane, not everything will spark an interest.  However one should still look forward to eduction and the experiences it brings. Even if it doesn't lead to the ideal lifestyle you may have in mind. Being educated and well rounded gives a person character and personality. It changes your perspectives in life and allows you to appreciate more. One of my other group members had a rather pessimistic point of view. He asked what the reason for learning is if once have a job the people there would tell you that whatever you learned in the past was wrong and this is how it should be done. It is a somewhat narrow approach. Let me ask then why do we value learning so much if its not important. If people care enough to criticize our educational system then it must be worthy of attention. He probably didn't mean that we don't need to go to college or have good education. But I can definitely sense that he feels forced to go to class and would rather start working as soon as possible. That is pretty normal, I'm sure everyone has experienced it some time in their college years. Nonetheless, if he were to change his approach and view point, it will make the rest of his years here more enjoyable. Learning is such a broad topic, it doesn't only pertain to education, we just happened to focus on that aspect of it. To wrap things up, learning is a process, one that will last a lifetime. It is something we all need and have the ability to do. It takes time and needs to be cultivated. Even so it is something worthwhile.
I kind of got lost with my point in writing this post somewhere in the middle of it. I'm a bit stressed for finals so I felt like blogging lawll.

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