March 1, 2013

Meeting with a Stranger

Recently I've been feeling very alive, proactive, productive; I've been taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. Life feels exciting, meaningful and overall just..better.

After breaking out of my "shell", I realized that meeting new people is so much fun! It is rather nerve racking to converse with a stranger, not knowing really how to approach things, without being too awkward. It's a bit better in a study group because there is a common interest, a goal to achieve, a point for you to be there. But when you meet someone, a complete stranger, just out of the kind of just throws you off. Never have I ever felt so nervous but at the same time, eerily relaxed? I am not even sure. But I was definitely in a zone, nothing else really mattered. And just like that, 4 hours flew by. It went by so fast that it felt unreal, like it never happened. I wonder what kind of impression I made. Will we meet again?

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