January 7, 2013

2013 Happy New Year!

Hello, I haven't been here for a whole semester! Now that I'm on winter break, theres going to be some refreshening soon. Definitely some new material coming up about organizing notes, note taking, self reflections and some fun random topics like reading body language and such.

Recently I've been browsing Fab.com a lot. It's a website that allows many brands and companies to sell things on their site. Fab offers an array of products from headphones to kitchen supplies to unique gifts. You can also get receive a $10 credit from the Facebook Wrapp App. So be sure sign up!

I've recently purchased the Coloud Knock Headphones (in grey red) from Fab. A review and tech specs will be up soon as well, so stay tuned :D

I also found this Matcha Green Tea Latte by Mocafe mix on Fab. Should I get it??

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