May 18, 2012

What's on my mind

On some days I would just like to disappear, to sit in the sun and just enjoy the breeze. That is whenever I'm frustrated. Although I'll be turning 20 in 4 months I still feel like a kid; most definitely treated like one. How am I supposed to become independent if I never get a chance to give it a try. I'm sure I've been given a lot more privileges nowadays, more so than before. I mean at least I'm allowed out of the house, so thats a start right? It's funny how every time I go hangout with friends I'll get kidnapped and how when I ask for the car, it's automatically going to come back totalled. I'm sure you know I'm not that irresponsible. But of course things happen. Like always when it comes down to the end, I understand you are just being a mother and obviously you care about my safety. However there is so much I can take. And you must know I hate arguing, especially when it is pointless. You just always end up hearing what you want to hear and none of my reasoning sinks in. Sigh. Lol ironically I sound just like a kid.

Everything has an expiration date. I've given relationships a try and it didn't turn out as I'd even hoped for it to be like. But it was still an experience that I don't regret having gone through. It has definitely changed my point of view on many aspects in life and all that cliche stuff. However I've decided I surely don't want to be in another one anytime soon. I guess it would get lonely but at least its better than talking to someone who's always too busy to listen. But now that there is someone who does, it doesn't feel quite right. Maybe I'm just being picky, who knows.

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